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Daniel & Sarah

Daniel Mays - Owner, Farm Manager

Daniel grew up in Chester County, PA, where through his Waldorf and Quaker educations he developed a respect for nature and a sense of environmental responsibility. Since then he has studied math and physics, taught at a boarding high school, bicycled through Mexico, earned a graduate degree in environmental engineering, and worked on a number of farms. He is passionate about farming and excited to have planted roots in Scarborough. He believes farmers should be stewards of the land, not miners of its resources, and that farms should be hubs of the community, not distant sources of its calories. He also believes that economic sustainability need not be sacrificed, but rather can come directly from the union of environmental stewardship and community involvement. Daniel started Frith Farm in November of 2010.

Sarah Coburn - Farm Store Manager, Farm Mom

Sarah was born and raised in New England where she developed an early sense of commitment to community in her large, tight-knit immigrant family. After completing studies at Smith College, she filled a passport, bicycled across the country, and was a reproductive rights organizer - experiences that deepened her compassion for people from all walks of life. In law school she devoted herself to issues of racial and economic justice and spent several years working as a public defender in Philadelphia. Sarah was introduced to Daniel and Frith in 2015 and joined the farm full time the following year. She is happy to have shifted her focus toward growing good food and making it more accessible, while staying active with her hands in the soil. Sarah is a quilter, birth doula and marathon runner.


In May on 2018 Daniel and Sarah joyfully welcomed their son Ellis to the farm!


Ryan - Livestock Manager

Ryan grew up in Northport, NY. After attending college he moved to a city and worked as a mason’s apprentice for four years. He began exploring the importance of what materials and food we expose ourselves to on a daily basis and feels that a healthful lifestyle should not be difficult to attain and enjoy. While exploring these subjects it became clear that he wanted a hands on experience and found Frith Farm. Each growing season he has found those many milestones which indicate the growth and development of the soil, plants, animals and ourselves increasingly exciting.


Cricka - Field Manager

Cricka grew up in Yarmouth next to an old dairy farm, playing in the pastures and helping his grandparents in their gardens. He graduated from New England Culinary Institute with a degree in Baking and Pastry and after a few years working in kitchens, his passion for food brought him back into the fields to learn about food from the ground up.  After working as an apprentice at Frith, Cricka sought out other farms to get an idea of how others take to the land.  He moved to Massachusetts where he worked at a large-scale organic vegetable farm, then came home to Maine to an organic poultry farm. Cricka then worked with cows at a dairy on a large-scale agritourism farm before finding his way back to Scarborough & Frith, with hopes of eventually starting his own farm.


Hannah - Wash & Pack Manager

Hannah Daman grew up working at a small organic farm in Central Massachusetts. Even throughout her 20’s living in Scotland and traveling abroad, she would always find a community garden or small farm to volunteer with. A few years ago when she moved to Maine, it was a natural and necessary move for her to find a farm to work at to support community, local business, and the nourishment of a connection with the soil. She is delighted and honored to learn at Frith where the philosophies are upheld of quality over quantity and sustainability over quick profit. When she isn’t an active farmhand, Hannah finds time to play with her band locally and throughout New England. 


Liz - CSA Pickup Manager

Elizabeth comes from Minnesota and grew up spending time in her uncle’s beautiful gardens and in the forest along Lake Superior. It was a 2009 farm experience in the mountains of Ecuador that woke her up and reminded her that she has always been most happy working in the dirt. This is her second year at Frith, and she’s full of gratitude to be working beneath the sun. She also finds great pleasure in walking the woods to see what mushrooms are coming up, and minding the honeybees when there is time to spare.


Seneth - Apprentice

Seneth was born and raised in Concord, NH. Her interest in agriculture began in a college classroom, but her true love for farming was discovered while working on a vegetable farm in Massachusetts. After college she worked at a variety of farms, continuously exploring different agricultural systems, examining their ecological and social impact. Seneth spent a year teaching high schoolers, and someday hopes to combine her love of agriculture with her love of teaching. Always eager to learn, she is excited to discover more about the complex world of soils, all the while growing (and eating) some scrumptious food.


Sophia - Apprentice

Sophia grew up around the northeast, spending her adolescence in the woods of Vermont. She moved on to study sculpture and printmaking in Boston, but has now traded ink for dirt under her nails as she dedicates more time to farming here at Frith. She fosters a close relationship with plants and animals through her enthusiasm for house plants and by snuggling the world's sweetest farm cats. Committed to finding a new use for an old thing, Sophia is always working to recycle and preserve what she can in today's world.


Ana - Apprentice

Ana grew up in Panama, Central America. From a very young age, Ana developed a strong sense of connection with nature, watching her mom always work on her huge garden, and her dad take care of birds and other animals. She loved the feeling of being barefoot in grass, and loved to care for and learn everything she could about wildlife.  As time passed though, she always struggled to find her true calling. This changed in 2015 when she moved to South Florida and started helping out at a local, organic farm, where she discovered her passion for farming. In Florida, Ana also fell in love with herbal medicine, and has been studying herbs ever since. With dreams of seasons and gorgeous winters, Ana made the move to Maine this year, with hopes of having her own farm one day. Because of the connection she feels with all life around her, Ana feels very strongly about farming in a way that mimics nature as much as possible, so she is super excited and grateful to be an apprentice now at Frith Farm. When not farming, Ana loves to read, cook, swim and make people laugh.