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There's nothing like the sight of a hog enjoying rich tasty soil. We encourage our pigs to help till our fields, stir up our compost, and forage for as much of their diet as possible. We rotate our pigs along a wooded pasture border so that they benifit from the woods and enjoy the grubs, roots, and acorns that abound there. All our pigs are certified Organic by MOFGA.

Cuts and Prices

We offer the following cuts of pork. See our price list for more information.

Whole-Hog Sausage Sausage Links
Boar Sausage (loose)
Ground Pork
Loin Chops
Rib Chops
Ham Steaks
Ham Roasts
Shoulder Roasts
Spare Ribs
Country Style Spare Ribs

Buying a Whole or Half Pig

We sell many of our pigs by the whole or half animal. The benefits of buying a whole or half hog are that you get to choose how you'd like the pig cut up, and you pay a discounted price relative to purchasing by the cut. Here is how the process works:

1. You sign up for a whole or half hog using our Order Form. It is a $50 deposit to reserve a half hog and $100 to reserve a whole hog.

2. We contact you to confirm and to let you know the next available butcher date.

3. You fill out and send us Windham Butcher Shop's pig cut sheet. This specifies how you'd like your half or whole pig cut up and what, if anything, you'd like smoked (for additional cost).

4. We deliver the pig to Windham Butcher Shop, and notify you when your pork is ready for pickup. Butcher fees (about $85 for a half pig, $160 for a whole pig) are paid directly to Windham Butcher Shop when you pick up the meat. Their address is 247 Varney Mill Road in Windham, and their phone is 892-4203.

5. We send you the balance due based on the butcher's hanging weight for the pig. Half pigs cost $4.25/lb hanging weight and whole pigs cost $3.75/lb.

How Much Is a Whole or Half Pig?

The hanging weight for one of our pigs is usually between 180 and 250 pounds. The weight of the pork you take home is usually 110-160 pounds for a whole pig, or 55-80 pounds for a half pig. The actual weights vary a fair amount from animal to animal, and also depend on how you have your pig butchered, but here is a breakdown of the cost for a typical pig of 210 pounds hanging weight:

Whole Pig
Hanging Weight: 210 lbs
Cost: $3.75/lb
Total Due to Frith Farm: $788
Butcher Fees: $160
Total Cost: $948
Take-Home Weight: 130 lbs
Total Cost per Pound: $7.29

Half Pig
Hanging Weight: 105 lbs
Cost: $4.25/lb
Total Due to Frith Farm: $446
Butcher Fees: $85
Total Cost: $531
Take-Home Weight: 65 lbs
Total Cost per Pound: $8.17

Pig Tails

Pigs in the woods