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We grow hundreds of varieties of over 40 different vegetables, including:

Arugula Collards Kohlrabi Shallots
Beets Cress Leeks Sorrel
Boc Choy Cucumbers Lettuce Heads Spinach
Broccoli Edamame Lettuce Mix Sugarsnap Peas
Broccolini Eggplant Mustard Greens Summer Squash
Brussels Sprouts Endive Mizuna Sweet Peppers
Cabbage Escarole Onions Sweet Potatoes
Carrots Filet Beans Parsnips Tatsoi
Celeriac Garlic Potatoes Tomatillos
Celery Green Beans Radicchio Tomatoes
Chard Hot Peppers Radishes Turnips
Cherry Tomatoes Kale Rutabagas Winter Squash

All our vegetables are certified Organic by MOFGA, and we exceed the Organic standard in the following ways:

1. We use no pesticides of any kind. There are a number of pesticides approved for Organic use, but we feel that toxic substances, no matter their origins, should not be applied to food.

2. We do not use tractors in our fields. While the results are sometimes intangible, we do feel there is a level of care and attention to detail that comes with keeping our feet on the ground and our hands in the soil.

3. We avoid tillage. Aside from opening our fields initially, we practice no-till farming. This means the ecosystem of our soil does not have to contend with the destructive nature of fast moving metal.