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Is Frith Farm Certified Organic?

Yes, all our produce and poultry are certified Organic. We believe, however, that the Organic standard is not the be-all and end-all of best farming practices, so will never limit ourselves to simply meeting its prescriptions. Read about our practices to learn more.

Do You Offer Smaller CSA Shares?

Yes, we offer half shares! Half shares are sized for a couple, or an individual who loves their vegetables. We do not offer any CSA option smaller than a half share.

Do You Have CSA Dropoff Points other than the Farm?

No. The CSA experience we offer includes picking up your produce from right where it was grown and harvested. Pickups are in the 200-year old barn, and CSA members can pick all the herbs and flowers they like while they're here.

Can I Come Volunteer on the Farm?

Of course! Feel free to show up at any time during the season (April through November) to lend a hand.

What if I Miss a Pickup?

We offer only freshly harvested vegetables, so do not save leftover shares. This means we cannot offer your share after the pickup date. If you let us know at least a day in advance, we can reschedule your pickup. If you plan to be gone several weeks, we suggest you have a friend or neighbor pick up and enjoy your share while you are away.

Do You Grow My Favorite Vegetable?

The chances are pretty good - see the list of vegetables we grow. We welcome feedback and suggestions on the varieties of vegetables we offer in our shares.



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