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We are no longer accepting applications for our 2024 farm crew positions. Please check back late summer 2024 for the opening of our 2025 positions.

We are no longer calling our farm crew positions "apprenticeships." While they are educational in nature, they are not the age-old arrangement of shadowing a master craftsperson in their work. Rather, they are an apprenticing to the land and to the farm systems that have been developed here over the last 13 years. The work is similar to that of a farmhand position, but generally more varied and with more responsibility. These positions are learn-by-doing immersive experiences, ideal for self-motivated folks who want to step into the responsibility of running the day-to-day work of a farm without the administrative duties and financial risk of business ownership, and with the support and camaraderie of a crew of other beginning farmers. Read a full description of the position HERE.

What We Look For

- At least six months of outdoor work experience (a season of full-time commercial farming preferred)
- Excitement for physical outdoor work in all weather
- Attention to detail and ability to work alone or closely with others
- Enthusiasm, open-mindedness, and a respectful, positive attitude
- Demonstrated passion for land, food, and community

What We Offer

- Experience living and working as part of a diverse farm community
- Produce from the farm and a credit or discount at our on-farm store
- Weekly time for community-building, education, and play
- Time off to attend MOFGA workshops and other educational events
- Horizontal management, with each crew member rotating through the different manager positions
- Hands-on experience in all aspects of farm practices, including:
         • no-till soil care
         • inensively managed permanent raised beds
         • perennial hedgerows and pollinator habitat
         • seed propagation and transplanting
         • interplanting/undersowing
         • cover cropping
         • mulching with straw, wood chips, and in-situ mulches
         • weed management and tarping
         • crop rotation
         • irrigation design and management
         • harvesting and post-harvest handling
         • direct marketing and customer relations
         • firewood harvesting and splitting
         • commercial kitchen production and farm event hosting
- Compensation:
        • On-farm housing, food, amenities, and a modest monthly salary
        • Hourly pay with no housing provided

We require a commitment for the full season, March 27 through November 26.

We are no longer accepting applications for our 2024 farm crew.

We will update this page with a new application when we open our application process for our 2025 farm crew in late summer of 2024. In the meantime, feel free to view the 2024 application to give a sense of the questions we ask:

2024 Frith Farm Crew Application


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