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Daniel Mays - Farm Manager

Daniel Mays grew up in Chester County, PA, where through his Waldorf and Quaker educations he developed a respect for nature and a sense of environmental responsibility. Since then he has studied math and physics, taught at a boarding high school, bicycled through Mexico, earned a graduate degree in environmental engineering, and worked on a number of farms. He is passionate about farming and excited to be rooted in Scarborough. He believes farmers should be stewards of the land, not miners of its resources, and that farms should be hubs of the community, not distant sources of its calories. He also believes that economic sustainability need not be sacrificed, but rather can come directly from the union of environmental stewardship and community involvement. Daniel started Frith Farm in November of 2010, and welcomed his sons Ellis and Edan in 2018 and 2020.


Ellis - Quality Control Tester, Master Distractor

Ellis joined us in the spring of 2018 and has pretty much run the show since then. He keeps tabs on all aspects of the farm and makes sure everything tastes delicious. He is a delightful reminder to prioritize the important things in life.


Edan - Head of Marketing, Master of Smiles

Edan was born on the farm in the fall of 2020, and from day one has been a bundle of energy and contagious smiles. His farm role is evolving, but currently he heads up the marketing department, which consists of him and four kittens.


Stuart Mays - Farm Statistician, Customer Helper, Sprout Wrangler

Born on the original Frith Farm in Hampshire, England, it seems Stuart might spend his last working days at Maine’s version of Frith Farm. Here he tries to do tasks that others might be too busy to take on, as well as record an ever expanding array of statistics that a statistician might delight in but only a few of which a farmer might find useful. And when his grandsons are unleashed on the farm, it is often his pleasure to corral and accompany them on their many explorations and adventures.


Conor - Apprentice

Conor first stepped onto a farm in Pennsylvania as a volunteer one summer in high school. The dirt and sweat and fun of it has kept him at it ever since. Producing good food using good practices has been his goal for several years. He’s here at Frith with the hope of getting just a bit better at that. Most of his energy is put towards food, whether it's growing it, cooking it, or eating it, but he’s also likely to be reading a fantasy book, playing a boardgame, or out on a hike.


Emma - Apprentice

Emma was born and raised in Norwich, Connecticut, but now calls Maine home. She moved here in 2012 to study Sustainable Agriculture at the University of Maine and has resided here ever since. Emma was raised to know where her food came from and to support local farms and communities so the leap to pursuing farming herself was a natural one. Emma worked on a farm in Connecticut and managed the student high tunnels at UMaine before graduating and moving to Southern Maine to work on an organic vegetable farm for three years. She is very excited to be part of the Frith family this season and is grateful to be learning all she can about human-scale, slow farming from such an inspiring source.


Hannah - Apprentice

Hannah grew up in New Mexico, learning about farming from her dad and grandmother who once owned a goat farm. She then moved to Worcester, Massachusetts to study Geography, and before she knew it had been living and working there for 8 years. Before arriving at Frith Farm, she worked extensively with food access and urban gardening programs, as well as on a handful of farms and in a wide range of restaurants. She is fascinated by food and cooking, medicinal plants, is an avid beekeeper and artist.


Joey - Apprentice

Joey is second-year farmer from Central Massachusetts. While studying economic geography at Clark University, Joey got a start in the wine industry -- which led him to work for an importer, distributor, and later in vineyards and wineries in California and France. After spending a few years traveling all over the world, he began managing a food hub and spent time aggregating local produce and distributing it to farmer's markets, schools, and hospitals. Eager to get more hands on experience in agriculture, Joey apprenticed at a no-till farm in 2020 and is excited to further his knowledge here at Frith Farm. When he is not harvesting and washing vegetables, Joey loves to kayak, keep bees, bake bread, cook like a maniac and jump into cold water.


Jonathan - Apprentice

Jonathan grew up in central Long Island. His town was ice land, then woodland, then potentially Matinecock land, then farm land, then housing developments. Jonathan lived this most recent transition. He didn't like it. He does like watching rain fall from a distance though. So he took a novel diploma as marching orders for more hands-on education elsewhere. He’s made a career collecting eclectic jobs in cities, mountains, and seas while land and community stewardship remained just beyond his fingers. Now, Jonathan arrives at Frith as grounded as he’s ever been, alongside his partner and fellow apprentice, Mary. Next year should see the two of them tending Mary’s family fields in Greene, NY. To do so to the best of their ability, they intend to combine the generational experience at home with the vast knowledge exhibited here at Frith by both Daniel and his exceptional crew.


Lauren - Apprentice

Lauren grew up in Allentown, Pennsylvania, a city close to the bustle of agriculture—but her journey into farming didn’t begin until college. A degree in environmental studies and longtime interest in all things food brought Lauren to two educational farms in New England, where she spent her summers growing veggies and introducing kids to the wonder of soil. Since graduating from NYU in 2020, her passion for food and farming has only grown. Prior to apprenticing at Frith Farm, Lauren worked in digital marketing at an organic farming nonprofit. A desire to engage more deeply with local food systems brought her to Frith, where she couldn’t be happier to play in the dirt all day long. Off the farm, you can usually find Lauren staring wistfully out to the ocean, cooking extravagant vegan meals, showing her millennial co-workers TikToks, or admiring moss in the woods.



Mary - Apprentice

Mary grew up in a big family on a small dairy farm in rural upstate New York. In college, she was called to the ocean and science led her to the sea. She worked on ships, teaching young people along the way. Sailing led her to environmental education, then to nonprofit work, until eventually she landed ashore to teach at a Rudolf Steiner-inspired school in California. Sure enough, life beckoned her back to the family farm in 2020. When she and her partner discovered Frith Farm, they realized apprenticing was an opportunity they couldn’t ignore. Mary’s interested in the inherent connectedness of food and health, of both people and planet, and believes sustainable farming can lead a way towards healing. Very grateful and delighted to be here, she and Jonathan hope to take what they learn back home to a farming endeavor of their own.



Sandra - Apprentice

Sandra’s first memories are of visits to her grandparents homestead in Maine and helping her dad in his vegetable garden. Watching how they transformed what they grew into delicious meals was an inspiration that led her to discover the wonders of small scale farming. While finishing a degree in Landscape Design and Horticulture, she worked for a garden center, then a commercial greenhouse in Wisconsin, a non-profit urban agriculture center, a hydroponics facility in Jackson, WY, and various landscaping companies. After years of dialing in her many interests with plant care, she knew that farming was something left to explore. She fell in love during her introduction at Green Spark in Cape Elizabeth. Now she is deepening her knowledge of what it means to be a no-till, community driven farm here at Frith. It’s a way to connect to the land and to the people that are nourished by the food grown. The joy she feels from getting her hands in the soil parallels what she felt growing up. Beyond the farm you can find her by the ocean reading a book or taking a dip!